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Music & Lyrics by Joseph Aragon
Book by Heather Madill & Joseph Aragon

Nominee: Harry S. Rintoul Award, 2018

For young geniuses Ada and Lacey LaForge, there’s no problem that a ratchet and slide rule can’t solve. But their journey to find their long-lost aunt becomes a harrowing adventure that tests the limits of their ingenuity. Join the LaForge sisters as they outwit fearsome airship pirates, uncover astonishing family secrets, and maybe bend space and time a little.

A family-friendly musical written especially for young performers.

Genre: Musical Comedy, all ages.
Run Time: 75 min, one act.
Cast: 7F, 7M, chorus. Flexible scaling and gender flipping.
Set: Multiple locations, flexible staging.

2018 Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, July 2018
Produced by Kiss The Giraffe Productions, directed by Leith Clark
Nominee: 2018 Harry S. Rintoul Memorial Award for Best New Manitoban Play


Betty Asseiro Ada
Josh Bellan Headmaster/ensemble
Josh Caldo Islander/ensemble
Christina Claeys Baronness von Icklam/ensemble
Alyssa Crockett Nan
Mackenzee Cullen Mitzie/ensemble
Matthew Gallevo Workhouse Goon/ensemble
Sikhona Gwintsa Aunt Sophie
Keira Jordan shadow puppeteer
Jasmine Lontajo Kelly Rose/ensemble
Matt Mendoza Storch/ensemble
Jane Petroff Eudora/ensemble
Caelen Rondeau Workhouse Goon/ensemble
Meredith Rose Islander/ensemble
Tara Streilein Lacey
Makis Viado Dread Pirate Phil/ensemble
Nick Xidos Stubner/ensemble



Director Leith Clark
Producers Heather Madill, Joseph Aragon
Choreography Brenda Gorlick, Melissa Langdon
Set & Costume Design Libid Zyla Harder
Orchestrations & Sound Design Joseph Aragon
Assistant Stage Manager Keira Jordan
Hair & Makeup Coordinator Christina Claeys
Graphic Design Joseph Aragon

Show Cast & Crew

Sisler High School, Winnipeg MB, March 2019
Directed by Leith Clark


The simple, strong message of this steampunk extravaganza is that women and girls do extraordinary things, all the time. ★★★★★


Every element of this original musical from Joseph Aragon is impeccably and professionally produced, but it is the message that distinguishes Journey to Kalcedon.

The simple, strong message of this steampunk extravaganza is that women and girls do extraordinary things, all the time.

Two orphan sisters receive and decode a message from a long-lost relative which sends them headlong into a series of dangerous adventures. The girls must employ every ounce of their courage and cleverness in order to vanquish their foes.

The cast features the brilliant Baroness and her abacus of doom, Aunt Sophie the pirate queen who offers her crew health care benefits and paid leave, and Eudora the quantum physicist who devotes her life to devising a time dilation machine. Journey shows a younger audience that women can do anything, and they can do it while singing and dancing in Victorian high heeled boots.

— Michelle Palansky

Show CBC Review

Plenty of fun for all audiences and well worth checking out.

—Winnipeg Free Press

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