How the Heavens Go

A terminally ill anthropologist takes an experimental drug and begins to see what she claims are the quantum structures that make up the universe, while her physicist friend tries to convince her otherwise. “A play that searches for wonder where science and the soul collide.”

Produced at Prairie Theatre Exchange, March 2018; directed by Robert Metcalfe
Nominee: 2018 Winnipeg Theatre Award
Nominee: 2019 Manitoba Book Award

The Unlikely Sainthood of Madeline McKay

Madeline McKay, a con artist claiming to see visions of the Virgin Mary, uncovers less-than-holy goings-on in a religious commune.

Winner: Harry S. Rintoul Award for Best New Manitoban Play, 2003

To Forgive, Divine

A Catholic mother and daughter suffer from a crisis of faith when the jailed killer of their son/brother requests to meet them.

Published in the anthology Breakout by Scirocco Drama.

The Song of Songs

In Purgatory, Saint Teresa of Avila, Spanish nun and mystic, contemplates a life of conflict between her service to God and her own earthly desires.

Swift Current

A frustrated writer and a hitchhiker-cum-guardian angel are holed up in a motel room in rural Saskatchewan.

The Book of Changes

A homeless woman insinuates herself back into the life of an old flame, much to the dismay of that flame’s fiancee.

Dry Cold Comfort

An upwardly-mobile Winnipeg couple hunts down a missing reclusive philanthropist during one of the city’s nastiest January cold snaps.