Book, Music & Lyrics by Joseph Aragon

Lucrezia d’Este, Duchess of Ferrara, has summoned her old friend, Pietro Bembo. Deathly ill from childbirth complications, she confides in the only person in the world she trusts of a sin, the gravest of a lifetime of sins, that has weighed on her for years. It is her hope to seek absolution from it before she dies. So begins a journey back through memory as Lucrezia relives her past.

Genre: Musical Drama.
Run Time: 95 min, one act.
Cast: 5F, 7M, chorus.
Set: Multiple locations, flexible staging.

2007 Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, July 2007
Produced by White Rabbit Productions, directed by Jeffrey Kohut and Carson Nattrass

Song Samples


[Lucrezia Borgia‘s] Winnipeg debut reveals a composer with uncommon talent and potential. ★★★★

—Winnipeg Free Press

The idea of a modern musical about [Lucrezia Borgia] isn’t exactly ‘I must go’ appealing. But hell, does Joseph Aragon know how to pull it off.

—Uptown Magazine