Book, Music & Lyrics by Joseph Aragon

When a fire destroys their orphanage, Miss Trudy moves her girls to a remote chateau, which mad Professor Needleneidel wants as his dream supervillain lair. Wills clash, lines are drawn—and the castle unveils secrets of its own! Music, comedy, twists, turns, traps—a madcap adventure suitable for all ages!

Genre: Musical Comedy, all ages.
Run Time: 75 min, one act.
Cast: 7F, 3M, chorus. Flexible scaling.
Set: Multiple locations within a castle, flexible staging.

2015 Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, July 2015
produced by Kiss The Giraffe Productions & White Rabbit Productions


Felicia Buhler Charlotte
Jenna Hill Bernice
Kenneth Jackson Mr. Haas
Mallory James Alice
Keira Jordan Abomination #1
Emily King Rosie
Esther Koepnick Heidi
Sam Kowaluk Francis
Derek Leenhouts Prof. Needleneidel
Heather Madill Miss Trudy
Justin Villeneuve Abomination #2
Carly Winthrop Susie



Producers Heather Madill, Jeffrey Kohut
Director/choreographer Jeffrey Kohut
Music director/orchestrations Joseph Aragon
Stage manager Angelica Schwartz
Asst. stage manager Katie Robinson Hoppa
Costume designer/coordinator Felicia Buhler
Pillars designed by Jamie Plummer
Projections/animations Ryan Schultz
Abomination costumes Alanna Kohut
Marketing/communications Annette Kohut
Sound design/graphic design Joseph Aragon

Show Cast & Crew

Song Samples


This is a madcap, whip-smart and wildly entertaining production. ★★★★★


In the show notes, Winnipeg playwright Joseph Aragon says he first dreamed up the idea for this musical when he was just 12 years old – and you can tell. Who else but a kid would cram kung fu kicking orphans, mad scientists and a genetically engineered “octo-bunny” (part rabbit, part octopus) into one mysterious castle?

This is a madcap, whip-smart and wildly entertaining production, carried by a top-notch cast who are all triple threats (as in, they all sing, dance, and throw a mean punch).  As the scenery-chewing mad professor, Derek Leenhouts nearly steals the show every time he’s onstage.

And the six plucky orphans who battle him for the future of humankind (for real) are proof of just how iron-willed – and ingenious – teenage girls can be.

Tucked into all the zippy musical numbers are some important life lessons, too: don’t abandon your friends, Latin might just save your life, and if you’re “creative and a little mad, the world is yours.”

This is family-friendly Fringe fare at its finest.

— Sara Tate

Show CBC Review

[A] delightfully funny family-friendly musical. ★★★★½

—Winnipeg Free Press

Plucky orphans take on wacky mad-scientist villains in this delightfully funny family-friendly musical, set in a mysterious castle whose hidden passages and musty chambers hold some very sinister secrets.

From the opening notes of the 75-minute show’s first song, Krummhorn holds its audience captive with smart dialogue, solidly amusing performances (most notably Derek Leenhouts as the deliriously over-the-top villain Prof. Needleneidel) and songs whose toe-tap-inducing charm conceals the lovely comedic complexity of their lyrics.

The large local cast is terrific, top to bottom, and a clever, efficient set design helps keep the action moving at a breakneck pace. What fun.

— Brad Oswald

Show WFP Review