Mary and Robert are very old, very dear friends. And now Mary is undergoing an experimental drug treatment that causes her to see the impossible – the vibrating structures of energy that make up all matter. As her visions begin to take a toll on her health, will Robert, a physicist, join her quest for knowledge at the expense of her well-being? And is there something more than friendship between them?

Nominee: 2018 Winnipeg Theatre Award, Outstanding New Work
Nominee: 2019 Manitoba Book Award, Chris Johnson Award for Best Play by a Manitoba Playwright

Run Time: 100 min, two acts.
Cast: 2F, 1M.
Set: Single location.

Prairie Theatre Exchange, Winnipeg MB, March 2018
Directed by Robert Metcalfe


Ross McMillan Robert
Debbie Patterson Mary
Daria Puttaert Carmen



Director Robert Metcalfe
Stage Manager Michelle Lagassé
Assistant Stage Manager Kathryn Ball
Set & Costume Design Jamie Plummer
Lighting Design Scott Henderson
Music & Sound Design Danny Carroll

Show Cast & Crew


Where How the Heavens Go really engages … is in how positively brimming with big ideas it is. Mary and Robert’s trip through an undiscovered country beyond science plays to our innate curiosity.


[How the Heavens Go] is very much grounded in the relationship between the two characters, especially in the emotionally revelatory second act.

—Winnipeg Free Press